The Future is Now

Consumer demand is dynamic. As demand shifts, development of new technologies arise to meet the need. Connect with your customers when and where it’s most convenient for their modern schedules. PUC is an advanced technology that merges online ordering, contactless pickup and secure holding with integrated hardware, software and support. It’s a convenient, user-drive solution. And it’s the answer for your application.


For restaurants, bakeries or coffee shops, speed of service means everything. PUC can increase takeout efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Virtually eliminate wait-times and too-long lines as customers head directly to the cabinet to pick up their orders. Decrease labor costs by shifting focus from running the register to completing orders. Our cabinets are securely locked, accessible only via a unique QR code or numerical code corresponding to each specic order, minimizing any opportunity for error.


Consumers crave immediacy. Shoppers prefer a seamless, in-the-moment shopping experience with the option to pick-up or return in-store. No one wants to wait for delivery or pay for shipping fees. And while the majority of shoppers do browse and research online, they still prefer the benefits of being in-person. With PUC, shoppers can retrieve their orders or make returns and bypass too-long lines and wait-times.


Even with drive-thru windows, pharmacies can become crowded during their rush hours. With PUC, you can increase pickup efficiency, reduce lines and shorten wait times—and improve customer satisfaction. PUC can seamlessly merge with your pharmacy’s order system, so you can collect the pertinent information necessary to fulfill an order, verify it and place it in a secure cabinet with a one-to-one correspondence with a unique QR code. And customers who order online can head directly to the cabinets for pickup and skip any extended in-store visit.

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College & University

Students maintain hectic schedules and busy planners. So, they love the added convenience of online ordering and having their deliveries sent via a third-party service. With PUC, students and delivery personnel can maintain a secure drop-off and pickup. The delivery personnel can leave orders in the cabinets and be on their way. Then, the students can pick up their items at their leisure. PUC can also ease the bottleneck at the café or campus stores by providing organized and secure carry-out.

Business & Industry

With PUC, you can monitor access to supplies, tools and other valuable items. Keep a better record of your inventory and restock automatically. Just connect our cabinets to your suppliers for a seamless and continual import of your most needed items and track their usage.

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