Frequently Asked Questions

How does PUC work?

Customers place their orders online and receive a code for pick-up. Orders are fulfilled and placed in the cabinet and customers are notified when they are ready. The cabinets keep orders secure until customers scan their code when they come to pick them up.

In addition to contactless pick-up what other benefits can be realized by using PUC in my facility?

PUC cabinets give you control over many aspects of your business. Among them are: operational control over food waste, reduced labor cost, enhanced food safety, social distancing, increased order size, process efficiencies, standardized training, and improved productivity with the data that can be generated and managed through PUC analytics.

How many sizes do you have?

We have several sizes of master and add-on cabinets to suit any operation. The number of sizes and configurations continues to grow. There are heated and ambient lockers and heated pizza-style cabinets. We can create custom configurations.

If I choose to integrate with my POS, which POS systems work with PUC?

Our software platform, powered by Perfect Company, is nimble and can be integrated with several POS systems to provide a seamless experience. Please contact us at, or call +1 847.362.5500 for more information.

Can you customize my cabinet(s)?

Yes! We can put your logos, colors and graphics onto the cabinets and integrate with your POS system. Our software can manage all stages of the order process and provide data and analytics.

Can I add more cabinets to the lineup later?

Yes! You can add more cabinets as your operation requires, and they can all be integrated into the same system. We even have add-on cabinets to expand capacity; they connect to the master cabinets with interactive tablets.

Where do I go for service or parts?

Please call +1 847.362.5500, or email

Where can I go for pricing?

Please call us at +1 847.362.5500, or email

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