Business and Industry

With PUC, you can provide monitored access to office supplies, tools and other valuable inventory. Keep track of your inventory and set up automatic restocking with PUC. You can connect the cabinets to your suppliers for seamless and continual supply of most needed items while keeping track of usage.


In this busy world, students love the convenience to order online and have their orders delivered by third party services.They can order and pay online and the delivery people can leave orders in the cabinet and be on their way.
Students can pick up their orders at their leisure. PUC smart order pick up cabinets give students and delivery personnel secure way to deliver and retrieve their purchases.

Retail Pick-Up and Drop Off

Shoppers love having the ability to pick-up or return in-store. Whether it’s to avoid shipping fees, receive products sooner or not having to wait for delivery, retail pick-up helps to create a seamless shopping experience for consumers. The majority of shoppers do quite a bit of product research online, but when it comes to the actual purchase they still prefer to buy products in physical stores. PUC smart order cabinets give shoppers a quick way to retrieve their purchases or make returns while bypassing lines, avoiding shipping and delivery fees and accessing a convenient physical location.


Pharmacies get backed up at busy times, even with the addition of drive-up windows. PUC cabinets can increase carry-out efficiency, reduce waiting time and improve customer satisfaction. Pharmacies can collect all pertinent information necessary to complete an order, verify it and place them in the secure space of a PUC cabinet. Online patients can head directly to the cabinet to pick up their orders and skip the in-store waiting.


In a busy restaurant, bakery or coffee shop fast and easy means everything. PUC smart cabinets can increase your carry-out efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Carry-out time is virtually eliminated as customers skip the ordering line and head directly to the cabinet for their orders. Labor can be shifted to completing orders vs. running the register. PUC cabinets are secure and locked, accessible via a unique QR code or numerical code for each specific order, minimizing order pick up errors.