Heated Pizza-Style

PUC is a revolutionary technology that merges online ordering, contactless pickup and secure holding with integrated hardware, software and support. With our Heated Pizza-Style Lockers, you can interface with your existing POS system, collect innovative analytics reporting, decrease labor costs and increase points of service—so you can take your customer experience into the next generation.

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Product Features

  • Proprietary heated shelves that keep the product at its needed temperature
  • Available in three-door and six-door cabinets with add-ons available
  • Rear pass-through and front-loading access options available
  • Auto-open and -close door
  • Tempered glass viewing window
  • Front-mounted tablet with capacitive touch screen and QR code scanner
  • Anti-microbial coating
  • Stainless steel construction with powder-coated cabinet and doors

A New Era In Cloud Technologies


1. Cabinet Customization

Use the expandable modular design and custom-made capabilities to personalize your PUC.


2. Cloud Integration

Connect PUC with your POS system, mobile app or preferred third-party delivery service.


3. Order Placement

Customer places an order through your available channels.


4. Workflow Configuration

Streamline back-of-house and delivery workflows with the most pertinent information.


5. Cabinet Assignment

PUC assigns an appropriate empty cabinet slot based on order input.


6. Customer Engagement

PUC generates a unique QR code sent to the customer’s phone or email.


7. Order Pickup

Customer uses the QR code to unlock and access the dedicated cabinet slot.


8. Innovative Data Analytics

Capture details like daypart order pickups, order dwell times, locker usage and more.


9. First In-Class Support

From the most flexible, customizable cloud-based platform on the planet.

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