Wang Gang Asian Eats Uses PUC For Their No Contact Carry-Out Business

Wang Gang Asian Eats has added PUC cabinets for their no-contact carry-out business. PUC gives Wang Gang customers a fast and convenient way to pick up their online orders while maintaining a safe social distance.

Wang Gang installed their PUC cabinet at the start of the pandemic and has continued to realize the benefits of take-out with the PUC Cabinet. The restaurant chain has actively promoted online ordering and pick-up from the cabinet and customers have readily embraced the technology. Customers pay when they order and skip the line to a seamless pick up from the self-service cabinet. The Wang Gang register is freed up for in-house dining transactions. Orders are secured in the cabinet until customers arrive to pick them up. This eliminates orders being mixed up and tampering by people searching for their orders.

“The PUC cabinets are nice and convenient, featuring modern technology for self-serve, touchless pickup for which today’s consumer is becoming more and more familiar.  The cabinets are a nice, convenient, easy to use solution for our carry-out business.”

Ryan O’Day, Owner & Operator
Wang Gang Asian Eats

To learn more about Wang Gang Asian Eats success with PUC, check out Wang Gang’s Facebook page @WangGangAsianEats.