What To Look For In A Heated Pizza Cabinet

countertop heated pizza cabinet


The popularity of pizza is as high as it’s ever been with a whopping 93 percent of all Americans consuming a slice at least once a month. There’s also a lot of competition in the pizza dining segment, and pizzeria operators should do everything possible to ensure quality and consistency.

The right pizza holding cabinet might make the difference between recuring business and the one-time customer. This means it’s even more important to maintain quality between the period when the pizza is fully cooked and when it’s eaten, which is obviously longer when it’s eaten off-premises. The heated cabinet can help with extending exceptional customer service by providing a quick pick-up option while maintaining the freshness and quality of the pizza.

What is a Heated Pizza Cabinet?

A heated pizza cabinet provides operators with a secure warm place to hold pizzas until they are ready to be served to the customer, picked up or delivered. The right pizza pick-up cabinet can provide much more than just holding. With cutting-edge, modern technology, it can also merge the potential for online ordering, contactless pickup, and secure storage. Units can utilize software and support capabilities, and with a smart heated pizza cabinet, operators can interface lockers with an existing POS system to enable the collection of analytical data. This data can then be utilized to assess labor costs and better understand customers.

In terms of construction, the lockers come in many different configurations, countertop versions and floor standing. Other features may include, rear pass-through and front-loading, auto open and close doors, tempered glass viewing windows and insulated walls. The insulated walls ensure heat is maintained longer and use less electrical power, so heat doesn’t escape the cabinet. When the temperature of cooked food drops below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria can begin to grow, making the food unsafe for consumption. With a heated cabinet, this problem doesn’t exist, and pizza can always avoid the Danger Zone.

Before you shop for the right heated pizza cabinet…

Nothing beats the allure of a hot, well-prepared pizza, but nothing disappoints a customer like picking up a cold one. When looking for the perfect heated cabinet for your establishment ask yourself a few questions. How many pizza boxes should the unit hold? Should it be a countertop unit or floor standing? What is the volume of your pizza sales?

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